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The Official Companion!

Click HERE to buy your copy today!


Exclusive preview of Issue #1!

You can now read the first seven pages of the comic book HERE!


VR now has a Patreon page!

We made a Patreon page to help fund the comic book. This gives you the opportunity to help support a totally original sci-fi series get off the ground. Please share the link and pass it around to as many people as possible. Thank You.


Series One webisodes available NOW for your viewing pleasure!

HOTM is proud to announce the long anticipated release of Venus Rises: Series One onto the web. The 3 part serial ends with a stunning cliff hanger.. which concludes in the, soon to be released, comic book.


VR web show continues in NEW comic book series!

We are excited to announce Rick Emond joining the VR team! He's illustrated for MTV, Marvel, DC comics, and numerous role playing and collectible card games including Magic the Gathering.

VR's very first comic book series picks up right where episode 3 left off. It will be split between two books (24 pages each) to bring Series 1 to a devastating conclusion. Who will live? Who will die?

Visit our Facebook page to see an exclusive preview.