About Venus Rises

Venus Rises is an independent science-fiction series by J. G. Birdsall. The concept for VR was first drafted in 2002, where it lay dormant until the first cast was assembled in 2004. Since then, there have been over two incarnations of the series, leading up to the current team's efforts launched in Spring 2006. Venus Rises is writer/director J. G. Birdsall’s first fully featured series using the internet as a medium of distribution.

Update: Venus Rises was originally a ‪web series, produced back in 2007. Relying heavily on physical sets, rather than green screen, it quickly became too costly to maintain. Production was shut down after just 3 episodes. J G. Birdsall sought out other, more cost effective, avenues to tell his story, eventually deciding with ‪comic books. This new medium allows him to ignore the budgetary restraints he had with the ‪web show, giving him the freedom to finally match his imagination. ‪‎Venus Rises‬, the little engine that could, is poised to become the next big ‪sci-fi‬ franchise!

About the Cast

Pvt. Sam Reegan:
Damien Amores
Dr. Kylara Marinn:
Anne Roig
Sgt. Nathan Griggs:
Joseph Negra
Demille Onaar:
Rob Ferreri
Aeriana Onaar:
Julia Howe
Martian News Anchor:
Andrew Blayer
General Greene:
John Nuzzo
Michael Jarmus

About the Crew

Writer and Director:
J. G. Birdsall
Director of Photography:
Rob Ferreri
CG Technical Director:
S. J. Gilbert
Pablo Calderon
Peter Calderon
Sound Design:
Pablo Calderon
Peter Calderon
J. G. Birdsall
Visual Effects:
RJ Design
S. J. Gilbert
J. G. Birdsall
3D Model Builders:
S. J. Gilbert
Arnand Kularajah
Terry Casper
3D Animators:
S. J. Gilbert
J. G. Birdsall
Rob Ferreri
J. G. Birdsall
Tom Mikolajczyk
Boom Operators:
Jason Disbrow
Andrew Blayer
Video Editor:
J. G. Birdsall

What’s the look and feel of VR?

The directing style of the series is gritty and real-life inspired, similar to The Shield. Not unlike a reality TV show, the story is character-driven and compelling because it deals with tangible themes. The look and feel of the production on a whole is most often compared to Battlestar Galactica and Joss Whedon’s Firefly.

Who built the sets?

The sets were built on-site and made in the USA (from recycled US army, navy, air force, and aerospace materials). All of the sets you see in Venus Rises were designed and assembled by J. G. Birdsall. Some members of the cast contributed to procuring miscellaneous props seen in the sets.

Who did the 3D modeling?

The 3D modeling for Venus Rises was an international effort that pulled together talent from Canada, the United Kingdom, USA, and Malaysia. Most of the modelers were recruited through word of mouth.

Where are you located?

Venus Rises is filmed in Forked River, New Jersey (about 15 minutes from the shore). No we’re not telling you which exit off the parkway.

Is Venus Rises a fan film?

No, Venus Rises is a completely original story.

Is this an independent production?

Yes, Venus Rises is produced by Hermit of the Mountain, LLC.

Are the actors paid?

No, the actors are all volunteering their time and efforts to making Venus Rises a success.

Is Venus Rises a movie or a series?

It's a little bit of both! Venus Rises is best described as an “internet serial” broadcast in episodes on the Internet. Like a movie, VR was written as one long script. The first script is approximately 80 pages, split into 4 episodes. Each episode averages about 22 minutes of run time.